Lamb with stamnagathi

1 kilo of lamb
1 ½ kilos of piny chicory (stamnagathi)
1 glass of olive oil
Salt & pepper
For the egg-lemon sauce:
1-2 eggs
½ water glass of lemon juice

Clean and wash the greens well and boil them for 15 minutes in boiling water and then strain them.
Wash and cut the meat into pieces
Put the meat in a pot with the olive oil and season with salt & pepper
Cook for 5-7 minutes until the meat turns and nice brown colour on all sides
Then add 1 to 1 ½ glasses of water
Cook for 1- 1 ½ hour
Add a glass of water and the greens and cook together for about 10 minutes
Turn off the heat.
In a bowl beat the eggs with the lemon juice and add the juice from the meat stirring continuously
Keep adding juice to the eggs until most of the juice is finished
Lastly pour the lemon and eggs sauce into the pot with the meat

minutes needed